Ten Night Raja Ampat Expedition onboard Amandira

Renowned for its biodiversity, Raja Ampat encompasses over 40,000 square kilometres in the northeast seas of the Indonesian Archipelago. The ten night excursion takes place aboard Amandira, a custom-built, two-masted Phinisi sailing vessel with five cabins and featuring world-class diving equipment.


Itinerary Highlights

– Embark on a sailing adventure, discovering Raja Ampat, renowned for its biodiversity and world-class dive sites

– Stay onboard Aman’s flagship yacht, Amandira. A custom-built, two-masted Phinisi sailing and diving vessel with five spacious cabins and a crew of 14.

– Crew of 14 includes two chefs, a dive master and a massage therapist

– Dining aboard Amandira is a gourmet experience from sunrise until the constellations wheel in the endless night sky.

– Boasting unparalleled marine life and thousands of islands, cays and shoals cloaked in tropical jungle, this region is an explorer’s dream.

– Itineraries are personalised to suit individual preferences


Day 1

Set sail

After being welcomed by the team at the airport, travel to the harbor and embark Amandira.  

During breakfast begin the cruise north to central Raja Ampat.  After a short rest from the overnight flight, arrive and dive at either Mioskon or Blue Magic. Enjoy the thousands of bats departing ‘bat island’ to nearby Waigeo after sunset and rest early ahead of the next morning’s activities.

Sorong to Mioskon: 38nm / 5 hours

Day 2

Diving at Cape Kri

Depart early morning to see your choice of either the Red Bird of Paradise or the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise.

These two mythical and legendary bird species have captivated the globe for centuries, and helped to drive the discovery of biology’s greatest theory; evolution by natural selection. After re-embarking head to Cape Kri for a dive or snorkel before continuing on to the tiny village island of Arborek. Take a short walk to view this picturesque village, then dive or snorkel at their famous jetty to see many fish and even a possibility of Manta rays. Later moving in to the tranquil mangroves at Yangeffo for a possible night dive location and relaxed sleeping spot.

Waigeo to Kri: 7nm / 1 hour
Kri to Arborek: 15nm / 2 hours
Arborek to Yangeffo: 5nm / 45 minutes

Day 3

Citrus Ridge

Make an early morning dive at the colourful ‘Citrus Ridge’ or an immersive kayak/sup ride through the maze of mangroves before moving northwards to Wofo.  

Multiple dive sites are available here, as well as a picturesque beach for a possible beach set up.

Yongeffo to Wofo: 18nm / 2.5 hours

Day 4

Dreamy lagoons

Awake, as we enter the gates of Wayag. 

This iconic and remote location is a place that will live forever in your memory with its paradise beaches and multi-hued waters. Spend the day beach hoping and exploring endless labyrinth of dreamy lagoons by kayak, paddleboard or dinghy, or hit some of the dive sites on the outside. In the evening allow us to prepare our unique Aman style beach BBQ.

Day 5

Climb Mount Pindito

Waking once more in Wayag, take the short but slightly challenging hike up to the top of Mount Pindito for the most stunning panoramic of all Raja Ampat, perhaps even catching the sunrise.  

Bring your sturdy shoes for this climb up the sharp coral rocks – but it’s totally worth it for the early morning views. Enjoy breakfast as we cruise back south moving towards the equator and ‘Eagle Rock’, a famous Manta ray cleaning station. Shortly after lunch we’ll lift the sails so you can admire and enjoy Amandira in all its splendour as you cruise southwards through the night towards Penemu and the Fam Islands.

Wayag to Penemu: 45nm / 7 hours

Day 6

Fam Islands

Awake in the famous Fam Islands – also known as mini Wayag.  

An easy ascent to the peak allows for excellent views of the vibrant lagoons below, while some magnificent dive sites are also located around here, with Melissa’s Garden being a particular favourite of many, boasting some of the finest hard coral garden you are likely to see on your life. In the late afternoon depart south once more, cruising overnight towards Daram.

Penemu to Daram: 100nm / 14 hours

Day 7

visit dive sites

Wake in Daram, where some of the best diving and snorkelling in all of Raja Ampat can be found.  

Many famous sites can be found here, including Warna Berwarna, Andiamo and The Candy Store. Later move south to a sheltered overnight anchorage location, ready for activities the next day.

Daram to Wayil Batan: 28nm / 4 hours

Days 8, 9 & 10

Wayil Batan

Inside of Wayil Batan makes for an excellent kayak or paddle board tour that will take your breath away.  

The ancient limestone peaks combined with dense foliage, the occasional squawk from cockatoos as well as the sites of the infinitely diverse orchids, will bombard your senses.  Make a dive on the famous Four Kings dive site; four pinnacles sprouting up from the depths, encouraging a myriad of life close to the surface as well as the nearby Wedding Cake.

Enjoy Neptune’s Sea Fan, a famous and colourful drift dive through a channel with phenomenal coverage of gigantic multi coloured seafans. Take a walk up to the top of the nearby viewpoint for the chance to see Misool’s best kept secret: heart shaped lake, in the perfect shape of a heart. Dive and snorkel around the famed Misool dive sites: Boo Window; Whale Rock; Nudi Rock; Magic Mountain (famed for manta rays).

On the last afternoon, enjoy a beach set up on Kalig beach while you begin off-gassing in preparation of departure the following day.

Kalig to Sorong: 94nm / 14 hours

Day 11

overnight to sorong

After an overnight voyage into Sorong, enjoy breakfast onboard in-between packing your suitcases.  

After a farewell from your crew, we will escort you to the airport in advance of your departing flight.

To find out how we can create the perfect itinerary for you, please get in touch.