From the outset, our blend of high-end luxury and authentic, meaningful pleasures has been an alluring combination. Our clients, who regard private jets as obligatory, exceptional hotel suites as a necessity and sojourns aboard superyachts a normality, also warm to simple, unexpected experiences.

We may lead clients down a hidden Positano lane to a rustic trattoria serving the best seafood linguini in town. On a Courcheval ski break, we may surprise guests with a day off-piste, safely guided by a former Olympic downhill champion. And on the final evening at an opulent coastal resort, we may invite our clients to a private candle-lit dinner on a remote corner of the beach. Such simple, life-affirming pleasures in the midst of ultra luxurious travel are now a well-received hallmark of the Lucibello experience.



Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a world-leading curator of original, inspirational travel and lifestyle experiences. This leadership will be driven by our passion and creativity, underpinned by our empathy with the high expectations of our clients.

We understand that our worldly, well-travelled clientele desire more than ultra-premium luxury… they appreciate one-of-a-kind experiences that sparkle with insight and imagination.

This focus on individual, bespoke itineraries, crafted to surprise and delight our clients and their families, sets us apart. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed all expectations as we create inspirational life-affirming travel and lifestyle experiences.


Our focus on individual, totally bespoke itineraries, crafted to surprise and delight our clients and their families, sets us apart. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed all expectations as we create inspirational life affirming travel and lifestyle experiences.

These beautifully crafted experiences feature flights by private jets, exclusive superyacht charters, access to the most sought-after suites in ultra-luxury resorts and exceptional villa rentals staffed by highly trained professionals. We’re particularly adept at creating memorable one-off events such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties and anniversary gatherings. These often take place in secret, unexpected hideaways. Delving into our store of insider knowledge, we dig deep to curate inspirational travel and lifestyle experiences.



Since establishing Lucibello back in 2006, Karl-Henrik has seen how affluent travellers increasingly seek new aspirations and lifestyle goals. Under his guidance, Lucibello has met this growing need for personalised, meaningful travel experiences.

Gaining a Masters Degree in Industrial Management, Engineering, Finance and Mathematics at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology, Karl-Henrik learned the importance of precision, accuracy and efficiency.

Today, as Lucibello’s Chief Executive Officer, he puts these skills, along with flair and creativity, to good use. He also appreciates the importance of confidentiality, handling the travel requirements of several Forbes 500 clients with absolute discretion.




Culminating in his role as Senior Vice President at the Njord, the world’s largest private residence yacht currently under development, Renato’s background in ultra-premium hospitality could hardly be more impressive.

His specialist experience includes high-performing positions as Vice President Operations Asia & Middle East at LVMH Hotels, General Manager at leading Maldives resort Cheval Blanc Randheli and General Manager at the iconic private mega yacht The World. Under his management, the Maldives resort was named ‘Best luxury island resort’ in the World Luxury Hotel Awards and at LVMH Hotels, he pioneered the expansion of the Cheval Blanc brand.

Awarded Honorary Membership to Les Clefs d’Or Austria for his contribution to the concierge profession, Renato’s mission at Lucibello is to offer “what money can’t buy, the memorability of an encounter, a bespoke experience”. As he says: “Every experience I have encountered has improved my understanding of people which is the ultimate key to succeeding in the hospitality industry: caring for our guests with genuine kindness and an acute sense of empathy.”

Ralph Schmid

Global Sales Director

After graduating from university with a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Ralph embarked on a career in upscale travel. A ‘hotel guru’, with management roles at various specialist agencies, he’s visited over 150 luxury hotels in around 50 countries, meeting the needs of Europe’s most discerning travellers. He has particular experience of South East Asia, the Middle East, Southern Europe, the United States and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

As Global Sales Director of Lucibello, based in Munich and Zurich, Ralph arranges tailor-made travel experiences for clients living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States. Capitalising on his expertise gained in the bespoke travel sector, including his keen knowledge of commercial and private jet travel, he attends to every detail, taking great care to create seamless travel and lifestyle experiences that are personalised to each client. Wedding planning is notable among his skills.

Ralph works closely with other members of the Lucibello management team, sharing ideas and initiatives that will enhance our clients’ experiences. A ‘foodie’ and wine lover, he pays special attention to a destination’s culinary delights. At all times, he understands the importance of rigorous planning, allied to creativity and boundless imagination.



Growing up in a family with a great passion for exploring the world and its different cultures, Ricard has had travel in his blood since he was a young child. He grew up between Switzerland and Sweden, attended university in Rome, lived in Sydney for a period and eventually started his career in Hong Kong and New York working in the field of luxury product design.

Today he lives with his wife and two young boys in Stockholm. He speaks Swedish, German, English and Italian. He regards his role at Lucibello as a true blessing… helping other worldly, well-travelled families create new lifestyle experiences and beautiful memories. Ricard works closely with other members of our team as he curates totally bespoke travel experiences for our clients. As he says, “Each client is different – I enjoy discovering their personal nuances to arrange travel plans that are totally unique”.

Reasons to believe # 1

We are the most discerning travellers

We have an in-depth understanding of the demands and latent desires of our target audience.

Lucibello’s Executive Team are ‘insiders’ and authorities on luxury travel. We have the same lifestyle as our clients, are well connected and ‘in the know’. We understands from experience what is new and what is coming. Through our network of local partners we can provide unrivalled access, to ‘open doors’ and create epic, story-worthy adventures. These high-end activities often include simple, sometimes humble, pleasures that are life affirming and personally fulfilling.

We are discerning travellers with the upmost empathy for discerning travellers.

Reasons to believe # 2


We create immersive travel and lifestyle experiences based on our own journeys and our carefully refined way of working.

We never recommend a hotel, resort or villa we haven’t experienced ourselves. We explore each property, searching for the most superior suites with the most outstanding views. Spending time in each location, we scour the surrounding area to find the finest local restaurants, making a note of the best tables. We dip into the local nightlife, cocktail bars and beach clubs, listing those that meet the exacting standards of our demanding clients.

We’re confident that we’ll meet these demands because we’re equally demanding ourselves.

Reasons to believe # 3


We accept that our clients’ shrewd judgment and high expectations extend to the subject of value…in business jargon ‘return on investment’. To address this issue, we offer complete transparency regarding the financial impact of our travel and lifestyle recommendations. As a result, our regular clients trust us to continually deliver memorable, meaningful experiences at a fair and reasonable value.

At the outset of each new commission we discuss our clients’ hopes and expectations, then imaginatively work out how to exceed them.

In this way, we curate travel and lifestyle experiences that are truly valued.

Reasons to believe # 4


Lucibello is a philosophy as much as a travel and lifestyle enterprise.

We understand that ultra-high-net-worth travellers increasingly seek new aspirations and lifestyle goals. They demand more meaningful experiences, as ostentatious luxury no longer satisfies. Lucibello is well placed to provide these experiences, as we carefully create journeys to the world’s most desirable destinations, adding opportunities for authentic, often unexpected pleasures.

We believe that for a life to be beautifully lived, where genuine fulfilment is the greatest ambition, travellers should embrace inspirational and transformational moments.

Curating these moments, in simple, highly personal ways, we enlighten lives.

Reasons to believe # 5


A connoisseur is defined as an expert judge in matters of taste, an apt description of Lucibello’s Executive Team.

We instinctively know which hotels in which destinations will meet the requirements of Lucibello’s discriminating clients. Our good taste extends to our judgment regarding fine dining, fine wine and the many other ingredients that come together to create a successful travel and lifestyle experience. Our opinions can also be trusted at sea and in the air, as our clients rely on Lucibello to arrange private jets, helicopter transfers and superyacht charters. 

With exquisite taste, we create unique travel and lifestyle experiences that surpass all expectations.

Reasons to believe # 6


Why is one destination favoured by the most sophisticated, affluent travellers, while another, nearby with seemingly similar attributes, is shunned? 

We know why. And, crucially, we know which locations are ‘in’, which are up and coming, and which are most definitely ‘out’. From our HQs in Zurich, Munich and Stockholm we survey the world’s most inspiring destinations, from the French Riviera, Italy’s Amalfi Coast and St Barths to atolls of the Maldives, private islands of the Seychelles and African safari lodges. We also survey the seas, knowing that sometimes the most alluring location may be the sun deck of a superyacht, with no land in sight.

Rest assured, the globe’s finest locations are on our radar.

Reasons to believe # 7


Inspiration is nothing without implementation, as even details can be divided into details. Then more details. 

At Lucibello we devote unlimited time and energy to the finer details of every travel and lifestyle experience we organise. These efforts go beyond ensuring that all arrangements are smooth and seamless, as they also include extra personal touches. When renting a villa in Cap d’Antibes or Ibiza, for example, a client may be surprised by the delivery of a case of their favourite Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. At a beach resort kids’ club, we might arrange a visit by a child’s favourite cartoon character.

To us, details are the foundation of a successful journey or event.

Earth 300: Our commitment to the environment

Karl Nilsson, Lucibello’s founder, is a Board Director and part owner of a radical new maritime venture. Earth 300 is a nuclear powered, emission-free science exploration vessel to be launched in 2025. As large as the world’s longest cruise ship, she will have 22 cutting-edge laboratories catering for around 160 scientists.

Her mission will be to act as an extreme technology platform for science, exploration and innovation at sea. Issues to be investigated include water and food security, climate catastrophes and global health resilience.

Karl’s involvement in this vital mission confirms Lucibello’s commitment to environmental concerns and ecological research. When Earth 300 takes to the seas, it will also create opportunities for Lucibello clients to experience life onboard. As they cruise in comfort, they’ll witness efforts to solve some of our planet’s most severe challenges.

With creativity and diligence, we curate exclusive access to inspirational, enlightening and transformative travel and lifestyle experiences.

To find out how we can deliver the impossible, please get in touch.