Morocco — The gateway to Africa

To explore Morocco is to explore one of the most exotic countries in the world, from its deserts, dunes and snow-capped peaks to its long, rugged coastline, medina cities and hilltop Berber villages. A visit to Morocco is an exciting immersion into another world, where Arab and Berber heritage, history and culture are inextricably bound. Landscapes here are inspirational, dotted with magical mosques and crumbling relics ­— some of the most spectacular scenes around.

Start your vacation in Casablanca, a modern and cosmopolitan city where you’ll  find classy art galleries and designer clothing. It’s also a place to hit the beach, where you’ll find mile upon mile of unspoilt sandy shores washed by Atlantic waves.

In Marrakech, discover a historic, sultry town attracting a fashionable crowd of winter sun seekers and discerning travellers, here for history and adventure, hidden riads and stylish bars. Head to the magical square of Djemaa El Fna where you’ll find snake charmers amid bustling souks, water carriers and public scribes — all set against a backdrop of colour and commotion that will leave you whirling from the very best kind of sensory overload.

Itinerary Highlights

– Four Seasons, Casablanca

– Fes

– Sahrai Hotel

– Volubilis

– Meknes

– Asni

– Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

Day 1-2


“MARHABA!” Arrive in Casablanca and stay at the oceanfront Four Seasons Hotel offering a sleek resort-inspired escape — just minutes away from the city’s top landmarks.

Overlooking the Atlantic, the property is part of the AnfaPlace Living Resort — designed by leading London architects, Foster + Partners — combining residential, shopping and entertainment. This intimately scaled enclave with three restaurants and lounges, offering the best seafood and Moroccan cuisine, an outdoor heated pool and one of the city’s finest spas and gym. Ultra-spacious guest rooms and suites offer contemporary chic design with a Moroccan flair.

The name Casablanca as always evoked thoughts of good living, romance and adventure. Originally settled by Berbers in the 7th century, Casablanca’s fairly recent growth has made it the bustling, French-influenced business centre of Morocco. 

As you discover this fascinating city, begin your visit at the magnificent Hassan II Grand Mosque. Amongst the largest in the world, it can house up to 25,000 worshipers and its minaret is the tallest religious structure in the world. Built on reclaimed land, almost half of the surface of the mosque lies over Atlantic ocean. At night, lasers shine above from the top of the minaret towards Mecca. 

Also take time to visit Mohammed V square, United Nations square and the Arab League Park. And during a stroll in the Quartier Habous, you will discover a modern version of a medina. 

Day 3-4


Travel overland to Fes, the intellectual heart of Morocco which is divided into three towns, Fes-el-Bali (old Fes), Fes-el-Jdid (new Fes) and the French-built Ville Nouvelle. The city itself is a unique historical monument with a medieval medina that has barely changed in 500 years. 

Take a step back in time to the Middle Ages with a visit to to Fes El Bali. Explore some of the 9,000 narrow lanes, alleys and souks that make up the labyrinth of the city’s old quarter. This medieval Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continue on to Nejjarine Square, with a beautiful fountain as its centrepiece, made up of mosaics and elaborate tilework.

The leather produced in Fes is renowned worldwide and the manufacturing methods remain the same today as in medieval times. During your visit to tanneries, learn about the different methods used to process the skins of goats and cows in order to create the beautiful leather goods seen at the markets. 

Experience & Activities

Head to Fes El Jedid (New Fes), built by the Merinid Dynasty in the 13th century. Admire the Royal Palace, mosques, medersas (schools), souks and the city wall. Most notably, Fes El Jedid is home to the Mellah, the old Jewish quarter, which provides an interesting insight into Jewish architecture.

Finally, visit a pottery factory to discover how the beautiful zellij tiles are made. These tiles are fantastic examples of Arabo-Andalusian décor and also used in the manufacture of famous tagines.




Stay at Hôtel Sahrai offering a peaceful retreat for whose seeking to combine discovery and relaxation. Located on the edge of the old medina, the property showcases a modern and uncluttered style highlighted by pastel colours.

Large rooms and suites, designed with glass-walled bathrooms, provide extreme comfort. Two restaurants offer a choice between a Parisian brasserie or authentic Moroccan cuisine. And a large outdoor terrace, featuring an infinity pool overlooking Fes medina, is a guest favourite after a day wondering the alleyways of this old city.

Day 5-7

Fes — Meknes — Volubilis — Fez

Depart overland to Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the largest and best-preserved Roman ruins in Morocco. With its triumphal arches, basilicas and capitols, the Volubilis skyline is peppered with examples of Roman architecture. However, the greatest treasures of Volubilis are the superb mosaic floors, which have been excellently preserved and left in situ. 

Continue on to Meknes, another UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Morocco’s great Imperial Cities. In Meknes, the impressive monuments recall the splendor of a city first built in the 17th century by the powerful sultan Moulay Ismail to rival the court of his contemporary, Louis XIV of France. During your visit to Meknes, marvel at the monumental Bab Mansour gateway — considered one of the finest of the great gates of Morocco.

Next, head to the holy village of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, founded by the first Arabs to bring Islam to Morocco and the site of the first Arab dynasty, before heading back to Fez.

Day 6-8

Fes — Asni

Travel by private vehicle, from Fez to Asni, passing through rich farmlands and across the Middle Atlas Mountains. 

Located in North Africa’s greatest mountain range, Asni is a picturesque Berber village on the foothills of Djebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in the Atlas. 

Berbers are the original inhabitants of North Africa. They are composed of several tribes scattered throughout the region and are known to be very proud and hard-working people with their own dialect, customs and traditions.

Asni also boasts stunning views of the snow-capped mountains and other Berber villages nestled in the hills above. 



Kasbah Tamadot sits in an idyllic location nestled among the breathtaking High Atlas Mountains, creating an immense sense of privacy. The property is the former home of Luciano Tempo, who filled it with beautiful antiques of Arabic, Oriental and Indian origin.

The Kasbah was then purchased by Sir Richard Branson in 1998 and wonderfully restored to become one of the most luxury properties in Morocco.

Tamadot is full of peaceful courtyards, hidden staircases, landscaped gardens and breathtaking views. Many of the staff members come from the surrounding Berber villages, giving you a sense of staying in a Moroccan home rather than a hotel. Luxury rooms and suites are all individually decorated using traditional Moroccan furnishings and antiques while the restaurant, bars and outdoor infinity pool all offer stunning panoramic views.

Day 9 – 12


Your journey will continue to thrilling Marrakech, the famous Pearl of the South. Part Berber, part Arab and part African — Marrakech is the heartbeat of Morocco. Palaces and monuments of unrivalled refinement sit calmly alongside the snake charmers and Gnaouan drums pulsing constantly from Djemaa El Fna Square — the most exuberant marketplace in the world. 

Discover the Mysteries of Marrakech and the city’s architectural attractions, the majority of which are located inside the Medina, the old walled section of the town. 

Begin your visit with a stop at the Koutoubia mosque. Built in the 12th century, the Koutoubia’s minaret is considered to be one of the highlights of Islamic religious structures in North Africa. This famous landmark dominates the skyline and can easily be spotted from anywhere in Marrakech. 

Continue your visit with a stop at Dar El Bacha museum, formally the private residence of Thami El Glaoui (who ruled over Marrakech from 1912 to 1956). Dar El Bacha Palace has historically hosted magnificent receptions in the presence of the Greats of this world, including Winston Churchill and Jacques Majorelle. After several years of refurbishment, the palace was reopened by his Majesty King Mohamed VI in 2017. The colourful, geometric tiles, painted ceilings and carved cedarwood are an exhibition in their own right, however the palace also boasts an area for the Art of Islam, an international collection of Patty Cadby Birch as well as a private exhibition space. 

Experience & Activities

Explore the labyrinthine souks and perhaps indulge in some serious shopping! Souk Smarine is an important thoroughfare, traditionally dominated by the sale of textiles, clothing and Moroccan crafts. This maze of colourful alleys and small squares is home to a bewildering array of stalls and ateliers devoted to specific crafts.

Relax under the shade of trees in Le Jardin Secret which opened its doors in 2016. Nestled in the historical Medina, this former palace, delicately decorated, entices with its fountains and lush gardens. Designed by landscape architect, Tom Stuart-Smith, the gardens offers an atmosphere of tranquility.

Finally, explore Jemaa El Fna, the city’s main square, which is home to a multitude of street-artists and food stalls. Over the years, the square has become the beating heart of Marrakech, where fire-eaters, acrobats, snake-charmers and street musicians perform at every turn.


Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech is an oasis of luxury, perfect for a peaceful escape, whilst only 15 minutes away from the city centre.

Lying in 20 hectares of landscaped gardens dotted with a myriad of colourful roses and olive groves, the property features 61 villas and suites. Beautifully designed one- or two-bedroom villas offer the most of comfort with a private swimming pool, lounge, large bedroom, Jacuzzi, and impressive bathroom. Guests will enjoy Oriental treatments at the spa.

The service is second to none and there is an array of dining options for guests to enjoy.

To find out how we can create the perfect itinerary for you, please get in touch.